What exactly is an Office 365 Intranet? An Office 365 Intranet is an internal internet network that allows you to share files with your employees, partners, customers, and colleagues while on an individual or business-to-business basis. An Office 365 Intranet is also a hybrid cloud platform offering both on-premises hosted infrastructure and virtual private servers. GPS tracker of gps trakcingsystemen. Container tracking, beveiliging en controle van goederen… Wij zijn uw professionele partner.

Office 365 Intranets is actually two-in-one solutions. On the on-site front you have the traditional web based intraneting system that allows your business partners and customers to access the network from your main website and then the Virtual Private Servers (VPS) at your company’s server farm. Virtual Private Servers or VPS are also used for web hosting.

From an organization’s perspective you get an onsite network that allows you to efficiently deliver information across your entire business. This allows you to better manage customer relationships, provide better service to your clients, provide better support for employees, and improve the efficiency of your operations. It also allows your team to access their own networks and files and run applications on them.

Office 365 Intranets – The Benefits of the Hybrid Cloud

From the user side, you get an onsite network that provides a way to access files and applications stored on the server and allows you to make updates and changes to your software from the outside. The same goes for the virtual private servers that allow you to run programs and access the software and data from within your office.

These services are also useful for running internal tools like accounting and other accounting functions. However, the most important aspect of these services is that it lets your company to run more effectively. When there are many computers sharing the same file or database, it causes a lot of extra work to be done.

A hybrid cloud network offers the onsite network for free with the virtual private servers on a subscription-based service. The virtual private servers allow you to use an entire server with a single IP address to run your onsite network and the virtual private servers are then linked to the onsite network through a network gateway.

You can use these services for almost any need you might have. Whether you need to run a simple email program or a full-blown CRM system. You can take advantage of the full functionality of these solutions as well as you can create a virtual network in your office so your employees can access your intranets without a hassle.

It will also save you money because no onsite networking will be needed. With a hybrid model you are able to buy just the right amount of hardware and service and never pay more than what is needed and you don’t have to worry about the maintenance.

Another benefit to using a hybrid network is that your business can save money on IT support as the virtual private server is managed by an external hosting provider and not your company. Since the virtual private server does not require onsite server maintenance, your staff will have less to worry about, which will also reduce downtime.

In addition to the benefits of the hybrid cloud network your staff will also benefit because they will get to have access to your files and applications from the convenience of their office. You can easily keep their files on their computer and not worry about them getting lost or getting corrupted.

When your files are secure on a private server, there are no more worries about them getting lost or going missing. You can even share files with your employees and your business is free of the worry of losing them or your company getting hacked.

Since the company has the ability to manage your documents and data in a completely separate manner your staff can focus on their core duties. They can enjoy access to their favorite applications and the benefits of a hybrid cloud model for their own needs.

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